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These are the primary services that we offer at i-Max Infotech Chandigarh, one of the pioneer institutes of the region.

Website Designing

i-Max Institute Chandigarh offers Website Designing and Web Development. Change the appearance, layout, and content of the website Most used HTML 5, CSS 3, Media Queries, and Bootstrap 5.0 latest. We also provide services for web development at i-Max Institute Chandigarh.


We also re-design old websites. If you are not satisfied with your old designs then we can help you to re-design them. First, you need to analyze the website and then find out the major bugs, which should be removed immediately to smoothen the process and bring traffic to your site.

Responsive Sites

Everyone has a smartphone and internet services so most of the traffic comes from mobile now these days so your site should be responsive In responsive designs, the content of the website moves dynamically according to the screen size. Bring your old website and we will help you to convert it into a responsive website.

Graphic Designing

Design and create your own images and graphics, that can be used for various websites. It could be of a person, a place, or a product. Graphic design is a vast ocean with lots of opportunities.

E-Comm / Web Development

We at i-Max Institute Chandigarh also provide training and assistance to create your own E-Commerce sites, where you can sell your products directly.

WordPress Sites CMS & Laravel

WordPress sites are the most commonly used platform by today's generation to create websites or webpages. It has many options which you can use with ease. i-Max Institute will teach you how to use them accurately.


These days, most of the designing is being done in Photoshop and we at I-Max institute Chandigarh teach you about Photoshop and its tools to create your own masterpiece.


To create 2D floor plans 3D Elevation with photo-realistic view and rendering. AutoCAD is one of the most sought-after software to create 2D or 3D designs and we at i-Max Institute provide the best services of AutoCAD.

3ds Max House Designs

We also provide training of 3ds Max House Designs. So if you love to draw then put your thoughts together and learn 3ds Max House Design at i-Max Institute Chandigarh.

Sketchup Modeling

Sketchup Modeling is also part of our design institute and we help you to create 3d designs of buildings and house designs. We create beautiful elevation designs and floor plans.

Mobile Apps

Nowadays everything has come into our hands in the shape of mobile apps and you can also create your own mobile app. We also provide services for creating new mobile apps.

Digital Marketing - SEO

i-Max Infotech also provides Digital Marketing - SEO. We help you to find your potential and business for your brand and services locally as well as Globally to get more customers.

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