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In today’s world when everything is going digital and everyone wants their presence felt on the internet, websites and web pages are playing a major role. Every day we see plenty of new blogs and websites mushrooming up, and to create these web pages and websites we need specially trained developers and coders. i-Max institute Chandigarh is one of the pioneer institutes in the region where you can enroll yourself for online PHP courses. PHP training courses at i-Max institute Chandigarh provide the best-in-class training to keep you on top of the table. i-Max Institute Chandigarh’s online training courses for PHP is an affordable training job Career program that will help you to secure a job placement in prestigious organizations.

PHP developer courses at i-Max institute Chandigarh will enable you to build websites as a professional. If you are already coding and want to enhance your skills, the PHP certified training course at i- Max institute Chandigarh will be an additional skill set to your curriculum vitae. We at i-Max institute Chandigarh have all types of courses, that have been curated specially for you. So whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced, or a professional developer, there is always something new to learn. There is no limit to having the knowledge of PHP development as with each passing day, new technologies and new languages are being introduced and to compete with them, you need to be the best. PHP is one of the most trusted and most used languages across the world. There are plenty of websites that have been created with the help of PHP and we at i-Max institute Chandigarh, train you to be ready for this competitive world.

PHP courses in Chandigarh

PHP courses at i-Max Institute Chandigarh will not only help you to secure a position in prestigious organizations, but you can also venture into your start-up or agency. Write your own code and create something different by learning from the best, using an industry-specific curriculum.


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The PHP development courses at i-Max institute Chandigarh cover all the topics whether it is designing or coding. When you enroll at i-Max Institute Chandigarh for PHP courses you will learn Adobe Photoshop, Basic Coding C, HTML & CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery.

Actionable Training

With the advanced certification courses in PHP at i-Max institute Chandigarh, you will have first-hand experience in AJAX, JQuery, MySQL.

Interesting Quizzes

Learn to create pagination, password hashing and debugging. The structures and use of variables and arrays in PHP.

Premium Material

Learn to use API to bring data from a database to integrate it into the interface. You can create your own database and stack.

Our Most Popular Courses

You can create your own CMS to update a website. We will train you in WordPress and Laravel CMS most popular and widely used CMS. At i-Max Institute Chandigarh, we provide training for various web development tools like TypeScript, Codekit, Webstrom or Angular JS.

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i-Max Institute Chandigarh believes that along with theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is equally important and i-Max institute Chandigarh provides all its students, first-hand practical training to have a better understanding of the training program.

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So if you are ready to build your website or if you are ready to add new dimensions to your existing projects, come join us at i-Max Institute Chandigarh and feel the difference. If you think you can create something different, do give us a call for a demo and decide it yourself.


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