PTC Creo is one of the best 3D Machine Part Modeling software

which is being used by professionals around the world. If you are making a career in Mechanical Engineering, Creo courses at i-Max Institute Chandigarh will keep you abreast among your counterparts. i-Max Institute Chandigarh provides the best practical training along with PTC Creo online courses.

Introduction of Creo Elements

For the last ten years, i-Max institute Chandigarh has been preparing the students to be future-ready with Pro-e training in Chandigarh.

Pro-e was founded in 1988 and ever since the release of its first version in 1985, it has created a niche for itself and has gained immense popularity. The software can be used primarily on Windows. From individuals to large corporates, PTC Creo has a large client list. The ease-of-use technology makes it numero uno in creating 3D drawings. In the year 2007, the company decides to re-create the effect of the PTC, and pro-e accomplished huge success the company decided to rebrand the product PTC Creo was first introduced in 2010.

With the help of PTC Creo training courses, you can create a product from the scratch or you can redesign the existing components. Today, PTC Creo is being used in many manufacturing units and the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies with each passing day, its demand is increasing rapidly. So to be the best in business you need to have some additional set of skills, which can be learned from the best. At i-Max Institute Chandigarh, we have the best faculty with vast experience, who can train you in Pro engineering drawings and Creo 3D modeling.


i-Max Institute Chandigarh provides best-in-class training with all the latest software that will give you the satisfaction of being future-ready. The advanced certification courses in PTC Creo at i-Max Institute Chandigarh assure a better placement for you in one of the top organizations among the industry pioneers. With the help of PTC Creo, you will be able to learn all the major components of the course. We at i-Max Institute Chandigarh provides the Master program which covers the primary and most important modules like Solid Modeling, Surface Modeling, Drafting, Assembly Modules, Rendering and Analysis. Covering all these modules at PTC Creo classes will also cover the major programs of Boeing design, Surface modeling of supercars, design, and solid modeling of various elements. It helps you to learn flow simulation and multi-body dynamics.


If you are a designer and want to create a place for yourself, you need to have some extraordinary skills, and i-Max Institute Chandigarh trains you with those special skills with pro-e-courses.

PTC Creo training at i-Max Institute Chandigarh introduces you to the PTC Creo modeling interface. Its sketching tools, surface modeling tools and blueprint setups. Apart from this, there are other few elements like curve generation, surface creation from curves and sketches, application of solid modeling and introduction to assembly modules, all of which are covered in the PTC Creo classes at i-Max Institute Chandigarh.







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The fee structure at i-Max Institute Chandigarh for the PTC Creo training program has specifically designed for students’ benefits. There are multiple payment options, that won’t put any burden on you. That means you can be a part of the new age world and learn new technology without having any worry about your financial resources. The skills you are going to learn at i-Max Institute Chandigarh will prepare a base for your secured futures as well. The overall growth of you as an individual will surely a plus point for you.

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