Reputation Management

Reputation management definition is managing or tracking the actions of an entity and also to track other entities opinions about that entity. In doing so, a report on those actions and opinions is given and a response or reaction generated. Persons, animals, businesses, locations and even materials are generally the entities. The responses generated may be by word of mouth or even statistical analysis of many data.

Reputation management systems are established systems that have their own predefined criteria for processing complex data to infer reputation. This process may be used for a wide range of data such as for human interaction such as interpersonal relationships, international diplomacy, stock markets, communicating through market and public relations and sports.

Two main types of reputation management systems

There are the small town communities and big city communities where reputation management definition is applicable. For instance, the small town, the population is small, thus making it easy for interactions between community members, frequent. These interactions are mostly face to face and there is a sense of knowing who did what without question. In this kind of community, the individual’s reputation accrued serves one throughout his lifetime and also is handed down to offspring. In a small community, the upside is that the norms frequently remain the same, there is hardly any crime, but the downside is that there is hardly any room for change or growth. On the contrary, the big city being on the other end of the scale, community members come and go frequently, they have a large array of formal reputation methods. There are four methods which apply to the population, these are: elections, appointments, criminal justice system, and racial or ethnic prejudice.

Election officials

These persons are given special powers by votes. To do this, a candidate may campaign to enforce a positive image upon the electorates. The main aim of these elected officials is to maintain a good reputation as this determines the way they move forward. If they cannot maintain a good reputation, then they have failed and will need to be removed from office. Competing candidates and officials aim to damage the reputation of their opponents to increase their chances of deeming favorable in the electorates’ eyes.

Online communities

There is also the online community system such as eBay, Slashdot, meatball Wiki, Everything2 and Wikipedia. eBay is an online marketplace, where goods are exchanged, through proposed bidding terms. Users have an ID, and as such eBay asks the user to provide feedback or hiss opinion on the person with whom business was done with. This feedback, especially if positive, will improve a user’s reputation and so makes other users feel confident to conduct business with him. The main result of eBay reputation management system is to encourage honesty in both buyers and sellers.
Another widely used information source is Wikipedia. It contains encyclopedia content on many different topics. There are many community members. However, this online community has a formal reputation management software system. Users may choose to be real or remain anonymous. Users may also view other user’s list for their contributions, but there is no system of grading or feedback.

Search Engine Reputation Management

The reputation management definition can be applied to the search engine reputation management system. Companies mainly use these tactics but also individuals who seek to protect their brands or reputation from content that would damage their reputation when brought to light through search engine queries. This is mainly done to be protected by weblogs, who may also be competitors. Blogs have amplified the public’s voice, making good or bad views easily expressed such as in reviews. Some Search Engine Reputation Management Strategies are SEO- Search Engine Optimization, and OCM- Online Content Management. Here the results are constantly reviewed and monitored. Newly established Facebook has become one of the leading pathways for this reputation management system. The advantage of this site is by making your page public.

Online Reputation Management

This includes managing a reputation on the internet. This could be achieved by monitoring search engine results, this is important to do as the information on the internet influences how someone or something is perceived. To do this, actions to protect online reputation management of an entity could be among those for example in online PR activity, involvement in blogs, social networking, building social profiles and promoting the existing content.

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